Sunday, 26 April 2009

Art Post: Suko with a Rose Inked

I posted the pencil for this drawing a while back, in this post.

Here's the inked linework, created in Illustrator CS3:

I'm creating another tutorial with this image, and will be posting excerpts here when it's complete. Hope you like the image so far :)

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Illustrator Tip #1 - Multi-Part Dialogue Balloons

This mini tutorial gives instructions on how to make multi-part dialogue balloons for cartooning. You may like to download a copy of my angled brushes before using this technique. The brushes are free to use. Please to not redistribute or sell them. If you need an older version, just let me know.

Download the Illustrator CS3 brushes (contained in a zip archive)
  1. Create ellipses and centre them behind each section of text. Draw the tail, allowing the open end to slightly overlap the last balloon in the series.
  2. Draw a path to use as a connecting point between the balloons that don’t touch with the 135˚ angled brush with a stroke of 0.25 pt.

  3. With the path selected, choose “expand appearance” from the “object” menu. Delete the central path by selecting it in the layers palette and pressing delete. Select the remaining path and apply the 135˚ brush. Making sure the path is still selected, click with the eyedropper in one of the balloons to select the same fill and stroke settings. Now the path matches the balloons.

  4. Select the balloons and the connector path. Make sure that the text and tail are not selected. Click on “add to shape area” in the pathfinder palette.

  5. Don’t click on “expand” in the pathfinder palette. This allows you to adjust the shapes after connecting, if necessary. Only expand when you’re sure you don’t want to edit the shape further.
Hope you enjoyed this tip! I'm going to be posting more like this in the future.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Green Corner: Page 23

Page twenty three of Green Corner has been published. Please visit the Green Corner website to see the update.

The TWC incentive is line work for an upcoming special/ vector tutorial (when I change the incentive, I will post the image here).

Other updates:
I hope you enjoy the updates! :)

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Green Corner Business Cards

These two-sided cards were printed, assembled, and trimmed by hand (so they're not all perfectly straight, unfortunately). The front is a pale yellow, but it scanned as white. The backs are a pale grey.

I made these to hand out when promoting my comic series, Green Corner. I will probably bring some of these cards with me to the TCAF next month. Please ask for one if you see me! I'm not a guest, but I plan to be there. If you're a Toronto area comic artist and plan to go to TCAF, please contact me. I would love to meet other comic artists in person!

Which of the back designs is your favourite? Feel free to leave a comment to let me know.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Art Post: Introducing the Boys

This is my vector of the three boys when they're introduced on page 23 (which is in progress). The panel is a crop of this art, and a fair bit smaller.

From left to right are Suko, Xico, and Mazai.

I kept their jacket designs pretty simple, but noticeably different from one another. Xico's jacket seems to have a bit of a Star Trek influence, but I was initially thinking of something more like a simplified racing jacket. I think I will keep it like this, and maybe add a subtle joke to the back of his jacket.

And here's my pencil sketch, before I adjusted their relative heights:

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Green Corner: Page 22

Page twenty two of Green Corner has been published.

Please visit the Green Corner website to see the update.

The TWC incentive is a scan of some business cards I made to hand out when promoting Green Corner in person. I only made a small amount, assembling and trimming by hand. There's one front design, but various options for the back.

The business card preview has been moved to this post

Enjoy :)

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