Friday, 5 February 2010

Art Post: Valentine Shading

Two progress images this time, but there isn't a huge difference between them so I'm sharing them together.
The bottom image here is the final shading for the figures, aside from some minor changes that I made later. I used a little feathering for some of the shading and shine details on Alshina's dress and Koru's tie.

I started editing Koru's proportions here, to make sure they were correct. I made some minor changes later, but here I was trying to fix his height as I initially made his legs too long. I've worked out his final height to be about 6' 4", while Alshina is 5' 8". He's a little taller than I was originally planning, but I think it will help add some more variety, as most of the characters are pretty tall.

Flat Colour
Vector Line Work
Pencil Sketch

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